I apologize for my absence, but the last two weeks have been insanely busy for me, inclusive of my regular 3 month checkup and scans at MD Anderson in Houston earlier this week.

For the 9th consecutive Quarter (27 months), I am “All Clear and Cancer Free”. I probably will never consider myself cured and why I will take this regimen for the rest of my life.

The Indian research paper linked above (that hardly anyone takes the time to download and read which is a real shame) tells me that the regimen is not only cancer agnostic, but also an effective prophylactic regimen. Since Small Cell Lung Cancer (and most all cancers) is notorious for reoccurrence, I plan on never giving the cancer cells an opportunity to reoccur into metastasis ever again.

In summary, the research has one FINAL summary statement that all non-scientists can understand:

Altogether, our findings show microtubule disruption, p53 stabilization and interference with glucose metabolism as collective underlying mechanisms of FZ induced preferential elimination of cancer cells……

We are still working on the data base, so bear with us and be patient.