I have had many people ask gazillions of questions surrounding the confusion around my recommendation to take 25mg of CBD per day. Let me attempt to clear things up a bit, at least from my perspective.

First, I am not recommending CBD for pain or discomfort or nausea. I am recommending it as a “separate fight against cancer cells”

Second, while I am not (as part of my regimen) recommending THC or RSO, I am not opposed to the use of THC. In fact, a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC might be very beneficial to some people as the CBD offsets the hallucinogenic effects of THC to some extent. I chose not to actively recommend THC for two reasons: (i) there are just so many people in the masses that either don’t approve of it or don’t understand it or simply can’t get it, and (ii) contrary to many ardent and fervent THC evangelicals, I “personally” believe the right full spectrum CBD is equally as potent in negatively impacting cancer cells and I believe recent research bears this out.

Many people get confused about the term Cannibus. Cannibus is the genus and Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis are the species. Many people are confused thinking Marijuana is Cannibus and Hemp is something entirely different (Hemp is Cannibus too). Typical Marijuana plants are Cannibus plants bred for high THC levels. What is referred to as hemp today is Cannibus strains bred for very minimal levels of THC. Both plants produce broad spectrum CBD (Cannabidiol), which has no psychotropic effects by itself. Generally speaking, CBD oils have less than .3% THC in them. The term HEMP has morphed into simply any Cannibus plant that is very low in THC and not produced as a psychotopic drug.

The reason high purity, broad spectrum CBD producers synthesize low THC hemp is simple. The extraction methods become more complex if elimination of THC is required as a tertiary step.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a different and major constituent of the Cannibus species. There are 113 different cannabinoids isolated from cannabis, including

non-psychotropic: CBG, CBC, CBD, CBE, CBL, CBT

psychotropic: THC and iso-THC.

A full spectrum CBD sans THC oil would be one that contains a broad spectrum of 6 cannibinoids that are non-psychotropic.

I recommend a high-purity level broad spectrum CBD oil that picks up as many of the cannibinoids as possible.

People always ask, which brand? which CBD oil? That is almost impossible to answer as all processors are different. What you need to endeavor to achieve is 25mg per day of broad spectrum CBD. Some products are low purity with as little as 3mg of CBD per ml. dropper (requiring 8-9 droppers full per day). Others have high purity and 25mg per ml. dropper (requiring only 1 dropper per day).

I have purchased high purity THC as well, and if you are so inclined, I would recommend working your way (slowly) up to a 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC such that the psychotropic effects of the THC are minimized. HOWEVER, I want it to be perfectly clear that I personally believe the right broad spectrum CBD alone will work within my regimen.

I personally buy my CBD from the Randy the pharmacist linked above. He gets his from a high tech laboratory that only sells to pharmacists.