Update from October 28, 2021

  • Fenbendazole 222 mg (1 gm of Panacur™ or Safeguard™) per day every day.
  • Note if you are using liquid - most liquids are 100 mg/ml. You would take 2.2 ml of the liquid.
  • Onco Adjunct™ Pathway 1™ - 2-4ml 2 times a day depending on your weight.
  • Onco Adjunct™ Pathway 2™ - 3 capsules 2 times a day only when you are off chemo.
  • Onco Adjunct™ Pathway 3™- With each meal - 1 (one) capsule with a light meal and 2 (two) capsules with a heavy meal if you are trying to starve your cancer of sugars.
  • NEW - Onco Adjunct™ Pathway 4™- 2 Capsules twice a day.


IMPORTANT: I will not receive any financial remuneration from this company for the sale of these products and I do not own any stock of the company.

I have a significant announcement to make. Several months ago, I was introduced to a researcher who collaborates with other PHD’s, MD’s and researchers globally in the pharma and nutraceutical space.

They have developed some patented technologies that they apply to specific classes of plant extracts and botanicals that dramatically enhance delivery of those ingredients into the bloodstream at exponential levels.

Over the months we have met together, and I have performed extensive due diligence on what they can offer. We’ve discussed a 4-pathway approach and philosophy for cellular support through supplementation that I believe will complement fenbendazole greatly.

Pathway 1: CBD Tincture:

CBD has always been part of my protocol, but the new product incorporates some important changes. As we have learned more about the potential benefits of hemp extracts we have discovered that the species of hemp, the methods of its extraction, the ratios of acidic forms of cannabinoids to non-acidic forms of cannabinoids all play a critical role in how well Hemp extracts can have on cancer outcomes.

In my research of Hemp extracts – Onco Adjunct Pathway 1 – product hits all of the important qualities for a hemp extract. First the product is cryoextracted, this preserves the terpenes and the non-decarboxylated cannabinoids. Second, this product uses a proprietary strain of cannabinoid that has actually been tested on cancer cell lines. And Third, they supplement the CBGa cannabinoid to standardize it up to 7mg per dose, something that I believe could be significant. Finally, they add in two other important ingredients, the first being Frankincense, an iconic material dating back to the biblical times and recently the topic of a ton of cancer research. The company’s work on Frankincense focused on a collaboration with Dr HK Lin, the iconic researcher who studied Frankincense as a supplement for cancer for more than a decade. Together they developed an approach that uses specific fractions of Frankincense that are the most beneficial, according to his research. Finally, a Nano molecule carrier, C60 has evidence to show that it could help significantly with low dose chemotherapy, reducing the rtoxicity of chemo to healthy cells and increasing the toxicity to unhealthy cells.

The Onco Adjunct Pathway 1 is a unique combination of Cryo Extracted Hemp, with Middle Eastern frankincense essential oils and the Nano C60 carrier, all in one tincture.

Some people may wish to stay with the previously recommended Forgotten Trails CBD from Pharmacy Plus at and they will continue to supply that as well.

Pathway 2: Curcumin:

Curcumin has always been part of my protocol, but even the product that I have previously recommended, Theracurmin HP, simply does not tackle the problem of absorption into the blood stream. You all know I have recommended Theracurmin for some time as being the best, most highly bioabsorbable Curcumin I had found. What I didn’t know about was Ultra Botanica’s LPS technology UltraCur (UltraCurcumin). Data shows better absorption above Theracurmin by at least 6X and their consumer experience proves this out. Their product by itself is a game changer in curcumin and I would have left it at that except the science behind Quercetin, an equally important polyphenolic compound as Curcumin also using their LPS technology to make it absorb into the body. Previously I had been reluctant to recommend Quercetin (also recommended by Jane McClelland and many others) as it had the same problem as Frankincense and Curcumin in absorption into the blood stream. Why take something that simply isn’t being utilized in the bloodstream? UB’s LPS technology solves that problem and they have added the convenience of taking them together with one product.

Specifically, Onco Adjunct Pathway 2 is a combination of 300 mg of Clinical Grade UltraCurcumin, 200 mg of Clinical grade UltraQuercetin and 100 mg of Frankincense powder.There is a lot I could share about the cellular pathways that Curcumin, Quercetin and Frankincense affect, I will leave that to another time.

Pathway 3: Berberine:

None of you have heard me recommend Berberine up to this point, even though many researchers have recommended it. Much like Frankincense, Curcumin and Quercetin, Berberine also is not bio-available into the blood stream Something this company’s LPS technology solves. In evaluating the new curcumin and new hemp options I had the opportunity to take a fresh look at Berberine. As most people know, cancer cells are devourers of sugars / glucose in the body. In fact, cancer cells are glucose monsters. Jane McClelland and many cancer coaches strongly recommend starving your cancer cells by ketogenic diets, and Care Oncology recommends Metformin in its protocol for the same reason. For those of you that are serious about starving your cancer cells from glucose, adding in Pathway 3 to your regime could help. Berberine in its soluble LPS form modifies glucose metabolism in much the same way that Metformin modifies glucose metabolism. The scientists in India proved that Fenbendazole is effective in interrupting cancer cells' ability to metabolize sugars and I believe by adding in UltraBerberine as Onco-Adjunct Pathway 3 you further diminish the ability of cancer cells to devour glucose, weakening them and putting their survival at risk.

Pathway 4:

This is a new product that has been recently launched. It combines EGCG (Green Tea polyphenols), Resveratrol and Fisetin each of these ingredients is enabled with the company's LPS™ technology. They also added a very important ingredient which is a highly purified Beta gluicans that has the benefit of autophagy/apoptosis on senescent immune cells. This is especially important for the long haul when our immune system can become overtaxed and worn out.

You can learn more about ONCO Adjunct and order the products at the following Onco-Adjunct™ Product Page. The reason I am not linking the direct products here, but rather giving you a link to their page is due to FDA regulations. I need to make it clear that the information you’ll find on their site is fully compliant with the FDA regulations which prohibit them from saying specifically what the products can do that is cancer specific. Their manufacturing facility is an FDA cGMP facility held to the highest quality standards possible.

Please understand the company is not withholding information from you, but they’re saying what they can to stay in a safe haven with the FDA. The last thing we want is for these products to go away because of a violation.