A man who is taking the protocol from this blog sent me the attached article which corroborates my own previous knowledge and research as to “Why fenbendazole appears to be cancer agnostic in its efficacy. He sent this to an old college friend who is a cancer cell biologist at a major University. The report AND the major University PhD scientist’s response are as follows:

Please click the following link and print the report. Even if you are not a scientist, you will understand enough to be better educated as to what, why and how this works and why it is cancer agnostic


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==============PhD response=======================

“Basically, it follows pretty much the same line of investigation that we originally had when the summer started. In fact, we actually just started two different experiments this past Thursday and Friday with FZ. a. A hallmark of metastatic cancer is the lost ability to maintain appropriate cell-cell contacts. On Thursday we started an experiment on the establishment of cell-cell contacts to see if FZ has any effects on formation of contacts. If anything looks promising, we will move to trying similar experiments with several types of cancer cell lines. b. The second experiment is cooking over the weekend where we are looking at cell growth and the effect of FZ on proliferation. Interestingly, our discussion on follow-up experiments follow the same line of thought as the paper. The microtubule effect can be very confounding because any effect on the cytoskeleton will have secondary and tertiary effects elsewhere. For example, autophagy relies upon moving “cellular cargo” along microtubules and so no MT, no cargo movement, and crappy autophagy. So not surprising that the paper reports other effects — they almost all rely upon cargo movement of some sort.


That research report basically says that the cancer cell is being attacked from 3 different angles, the micro tubules required to sustain life and proliferate, the increase in the cancer killer gene P53 AND the negative effect on cell glucose metabolism, which is a requirement for cancer cells to thrive.

And I don’t have worms

The stories are now coming in too fast to chronicle all of them here but JUST in the past week, people having success with Ovarian, Breast, Colo-Rectal, Melanoma, Lung, Pancreatic and Liver Cancer have reported remarkable results….and as the above attached research suggests, this regimen SEEMS TO BE cancer agnostic.