Today I was written a letter by one of the 39 success stories, which I find quite disturbing.

He had joined a Facebook group site called Lung Cancer Survivors and Support Group, run by a guy named Mark Peitzmeier and a lady named Kelly Miller. Their group has 8,800 members (compared to 100,000 here)

First off, I have looked at the multitude of cancer support group facebook pages and two things jump out. The first part I kind of understand and I kind of don’t. They will not allow linking any other sites or information and they forbid the members talking to each other via Direct Messaging. They forbid talking about anything other than traditional chemo, radiation and immunotherapy. I can see they need to keep site noise and BS marketing down to a minimum. Second, they feel a need to police quacks and crazies from giving people false hope. I get that. However, their gestapo control prevents the very knowledge dissemination and interchange that SHOULD occur knowing that mainstream medicine has no incentive to reduce the $500 billion/yr business of cancer.

If you want to join such a group, join one of the groups that are INTENDED to search for answers, not those who are trying to stifle and control information and ignore the failures of traditional chemo and radiation. Avoid any site that doesn’t allow the exchange of new ideas and forbids site followers to interact in the exchange of ideas.

Now to the reason for this post and why I am naming the administrators of that particular site by name publicly (I would be happy to talk to them one-on-one by phone AND I would be happy to fly to meet them face-to-face (on my nickel), if they would agree to meet with me.

Mark Peitzmeier told one of our 39 success stories today the following about this blog and about me personally, which I find very offensive, false and obviously a malicious lie:

1. That this blog is giving people false hope in something that chemo already does (false as proven by clinical research), and that the regimen is dangerous and has killed people (crazy “over the top” false as clinical research proves it is safe, non-toxic and without any serious side effects).

2. That this blog is a fraud. Since I work this completely pro-bono and have zero financial gain possibility (in fact it is negative because the 20 hours a week I spend here negatively effects my business), I am curious to find out a) what research he has done here, if any and b) what due diligence he has performed either here or on me, or c) under truth serum, did he just make something up to suit his agenda.

And here is where it gets very good and juicy:

3. That Joe Tippens is dead (I’m a pretty efficient writer for a dead guy), and

4. That my family hid the results of my autopsy because the autopsy showed that I died of cancer, proving I was a fraud (after all, how can someone be in total remission when they die of cancer, Ha Ha)

Again, I would love it if this dude had the guts to talk to me on the phone. It might be an eye opener for him to talk to a dead guy whose family hid his autopsy for clandestine reasons. Ha!

And Mr. Peitzmeier or any of his followers, you are doing a disservice and will be mightily embarrassed when updates on Fenben and Meben research start hitting the press over the next 36 months. There are many leading institutions around the globe with full time research on all of the anthelmintic category of parasite drugs, but a guy like you wants to hide behind your keyboard and play God with people’s lives. Good luck with that.

He also mentioned to my contact that what I am promoting is an unregulated over the counter regimen. He is right in that I am telling my story. He is wrong in saying I am promoting anything. Multiple times in this blog I EMPHASIZE: I am not a doctor nor am I a scientist. I am not qualified to do anything OTHER THAN tell my story.

What he misses is…….I am qualified to tell my unique story that led me to be the sole data outlier in 45 years at MD Anderson in Houston, TX. And now that I have 40 other success stories in all different kinds of cancers, I am qualified to tell that story as well.

If he chooses to leave his head in the sand, then I feel for the 8,800 people he is leading.

And if he chooses to be a man and email me and apologize, then I will edit this post and remove any reference to him or his site. Or even better yet, I will publicly give him credit and thank him.

Rant Over. Ha