A friend of my brother Doug, who is also an OSU alum, just called me. He didn’t want me to use his last name, but his first name is Rick.

10 months ago, Rick had 4th stage metastasized melanoma that had metastasized to his liver and lungs. His doctors wanted to put him on auto-immune boosters, but frankly told him he only had 6 or so months to live. After the first episode/treatment of the immune booster, Rick decided to stay on only the Fenben protocol. Rick is a very strong christian and, after praying about it, decided to forgo all other traditional medicine and rely on the Fenben protocol.

Today, he found out he is Cancer free, and we know it was the Fenben protocol, inclusive of CBD/Curcumin/E, that did the trick because he wasn’t taking anything else So when widely metastasized Melanoma just disappears, the feeling I got inside is just indescribable

Congrats to Rick, who forever shall be nicknamed by me as #40