Happy New Year to Everyone!!!!!!!!!

I just returned from being out of the country since mid December. I tried very hard to answer all phone calls and emails while I was away, and I even had a chance to meet several patients in Switzerland, Germany and the UK while I was traveling on business.

But THE BEST NEWS is that success stories continue to come in. Success stories #34 to #38 were reported to me in the last 4 weeks. And the stories continue to report that the research linked above proves that the regimen appears to continue to be cancer agnostic. Recent success stories (last 10) include colo-rectal, non small cell lung, small cell lung (like me), metastasized melanoma, liver, and esophageal.

I have been asked a gazillion times whether it could work on blood borne cancers such as Leukemia, and I have been anxious for someone to try. I am proud to say that a leukemia success story has been reported in, which gives me hope that other blood based cancers have possibilities. I knew it was working on solid tumor masses in all different locations inclusive of tissue and bones, now I think there is hope for blood as well.

My continued #1 Frustration? People that call me and tell me they wished they hadn’t waited until it was too late. Some people are reluctant to try something so far afield from traditional chemo and radiation until they are told to hire hospice. The downside risk is minimal, if any, so people playing the waiting game with such a deadly disease is frustrating.