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30 Replies to “Joe Tippens Q&A Session January 18, 2023. 11:00 AM CST”

  1. Where prostate cancer victims have successfully used fenbendazole or mebendazole, what extra supplements did they take?

  2. Joe,
    When the cancer was in your brain, what were your symptoms and how long did it take the protocol to eradicate it? (My husbands small cell lung cancer responded to chemo and radiation but it came back with a vengeance with brain lesions. We had 10 sessions of radiation and were told to call hospice. He is better but cognitively impaired and unsteady. That was 4 weeks ago. But, we are hanging in there!)

  3. Where can I purchase quality, safe large quantities to stock up on or at least a couple of months supply at a time?

  4. Where can I purchase quality, safe large quantities of Fenben to stock up on or at least a couple of months supply at a time?

  5. Joe , I have exactly the same sclc as you had ( not as extensive ) . I have been trying to figure out differences in responses from different people after starting the protocol. Some people seem to respond quicker (as you did) than others. Do you think it could be related to physical condition such as your massive weight loss and lack of nourishment (basically long term fasting Pryor to starting the protocol). I’ve never lost weight in 11 mos. . 8 months on protocol, slow but really good progress.

  6. I have been using the protocol for my CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia). I started on the protocol
    Nov 16,2022. I have been on 222 per day for about a month.
    So far no decrease in my White blood cell count. I have fluctuating
    Between 26,000 and 32,500 for this same period. If I could just get it back into the 15,000 19,000 would be great.
    Normal white cell count is from 4,000 – 9,000 from what I understand. This for normal adult white blood cell count.
    Is there a better protocol for CLL then what I am using.

  7. Joe, Desperate for clarification on the protocol. I read some patients take only fenben , CBD, curcumin and vitamin E – on the other hand some add additional vitamins , including C- and taking ivermectin . My husband is on them all however I just started him on pathway 1-2 and 3 eliminating all but fenben (taking that along with fenben) , he’s also on Chemo every 2 weeks ( cisplatin ) and emends .
    Also – how long can we expect some positive change . God bless you for helping so many. You give us HOPE .
    Husband has stage 4 Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma – Metastases to the bones , lungs.

  8. Has fenbendazole had any success against Cronic Lymphoma Leukemia and what is the vitamin & Fenbendazole dosage that people have been successful with?

  9. Been taking Pancur for many, many months because of various skin cancers: basal and squamous around face have been cut out or treated with creams and a tiny melanoma years ago on chest which was cut out. Been reading the blog, etc. but have been unable to determine the record for Pancur helping prevent or treat skin cancers that hopefully have not mestastasized. Comments please.

  10. Joe,
    Wondering if you had any herxing once you started with the Fenben. Any fevers, digestive upsets etc.
    How was your body feeling during this time periodas the cancer was dying off?When you say you didn’t change your diet what were you eating. Did you exclude sugar , dairy, red meats etc?

  11. I will be unable to attend the session on January 18th. Where can I find a video of the session at a latter time. I have been taken fenbendazole, curmin, gamma E vitamin, Berdine, Vitamin C since September after I was diagnois with small cell lung cancer. I have not adhered to any chemo or radiation, had two PET scans with the latter showing better results than the first at the end of November. Have another PET scan scheduled for the 31st of January at MD Anderson in Texas and hoping for positive results. Would like to see a video of Joe’s session on Jan 18th latter in the afternoon on the 18th. Please let me know it this will be available. Thanks!

  12. I started on Dr. Lee Merritt’s protocol of Fenbendazole horse paste by weight 3 days on, 4 days off and I did that for two months and every time I went off of it my teeth hurt really bad and my gums receded. I realized through you that I was in a constant state of herxing so I’m going to do the Fenbendazole every day. Is that what you recommend now? What do you recommend for liver health? Thank you so much. God bless you!

  13. Hi Joe . I am 4 years from first finding out i have nsclc with mets .Still taking pan when i can as i have an over load of medication and my tung fingers and more swell up are you still taking pan . cheers mate

  14. Have there been any instances of liver toxicity/liver markers being off due to taking the fenbedazole?
    Does pain medication such as aspirin/ibuprofen interfere with the efficacy of the protocol?

  15. Hello,
    If anyone here lives in the Boston area , I have an unopened bottle of Phase 3 yo give away because I do not use ‘whey’. Please let me know and I will be so happy for you to have it!

  16. Why does my mind feel extremely foggy/hazy after taking the potent grade of full spectrum CBD? I tried taking it at night before bedtime and the next morning I feel strange and cannot think clearly. I’ve tried it a few days and each day is the same. I’ve stopped and then return to normal then try again and get the same feeling again. Why is this and is there any suggestions to help me to continue to take it so that I can utilize the full protocol?

  17. On the phone but keep being cut off during transfer
    What are you seeing with regard to small cell lung cancer metastases to the brain recovery ability. We have continued the protocol and also Ivermectin.

  18. Something is happening with either the livestream or my cellular connection- not sure which but may have miss the answer to my question regarding feeling brain fog the next morning after taking the potent full spectrum product. Is there any way someone could answer that question here or by email or possibly a place to view this stream record again ?

    By the way, some of us are extremely glad that you’re having livestreams on your website because many of us do not have FB and are not able to join your group over on that platform. We appreciate the alternative.
    It’d be wonderful if there were something on Rumble or telegram too.

  19. I am missing most of this broadcast because of blackouts that say: “This live-stream is pause, and may resume shortly.”☹️

    1. Me too- Very unfortunate.
      I called in and apparently they’re have troubles due to such high demand as the lady that answered my call said. Even though there’s not many folks left on this livestream posted on Joe’s website, according to their information, they have a forum/group on FB, the phone rep had told me that they will post this video on YouTube later on snd it will also be posted on this website, possibly by tomorrow.
      Unfortunately, that doesn’t help regarding livestream questions that we were excited to finally participate in as many of us do not have FB or belong to YouTube.

      I just hope that Joe can still answer questions posted for those that must refer to later, recorded viewing and hoping he remembers to do the segment near the end of the broadcast regarding info on where to purchase quality fenben and larger quantities for months ahead of time as he stated he’d get to that info near the end.

      I’d be ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL if they had a telegram channel that people could post and receive responses.

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