I am very sorry for the delay in updating the blog since the end of June. We have had an incredibly busy summer between international travel for my business as well as a full home remodeling project.

Research Study Project Update

As I promised earlier and have almost been “a broken record” that we would start a major project of auditing all of the use cases that we know about thus far. The major research foundation was forced to wait until the available scientists freed up for the project, as well as awaiting funding. I am very happy to report that they have identified the scientists that will lead the project and I am even happier to report that a local wealthy businessman has agreed to fund the project in its entirety. So, while delayed, the project is being planned and will start very soon. So IF YOU KNOW OF EITHER A SUCCESS OR A FAILURE that you think needs to be included in the study, please email us and let us know their name and contact information.

Update on Prophylactic Dosages and Timing

Many people ask about dosage and timing for people wanting to consider the protocol as a preventative/prophylactic medicine. I have two different recommendations depending on whether someone is in remission from a previous cancer or whether they are someone who has never had cancer.


I am in remission and I believe I should take FZ 3 days a week (4 off) for the rest of my life. All cancer types have a tendency to reoccur, so I choose to be vigilant and take the regimen weekly for the rest of my life. I take the other supplements 7 days a week and FZ 3 days a week.

Never had cancer:

I believe as a pure preventative for someone who has never had cancer, the protocol (FZ 3 days a week and all other items 7 days a week) should be taken weekly for 10 week spans with 10 week rest periods on an alternating basis.

July 22, 2020 update:

I now recommend previous cancer patients now in remission continue taking 7 days per week. No reason not to

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A word of caution for Facebook pages and alternative purveyors of this information. There are many copy cats out there that do not police the information or the participants properly. PLEASE only go to the facebook page that is titled “mycancerstoryrocks”

And for the sanctity of achieving scientific data credibility, please report all success stories to me