I get some pretty exciting text messages. Here are a few:

1. This week, we received word of another ovarian cancer cure. Completely gone without surgery. We also have a breast cancer lady who has been getting progressively worse for 3 years. Tried to get her on Panacur a year ago. After her last chemo, she was told the cancer had spread to her liver, lymph nodes, and bones. So now she was ready to try Panacur(why do people wait until NOTHING else works). Anyway, after first 10 week treatment, the cancer in her bones was gone but the liver cancer had grown. She was disappointed(I was elated). It took some encouragement but we got her to go on a daily treatment instead of 3 days on and 4 days off. 6 weeks later the liver cancer is 80% shrunk. We are getting there.

2. Another one to add. My friend Glenn had to have an abdominal ultrasound as a followup to surgery he’d had for kidney stones. To his shock, a good-sized solid mass was seen in his prostate. The radiologist told him it was very worrisome, looked like cancer, and he was scheduled for a needle biopsy of the mass, three weeks out. When his wife called me very distressed, saying he was frantic with fear and worry, I sent her a link to Joe’s blog and a copy and paste of some of the posts from here (of course with lots of protests that I’m not a doctor, that I can’t vouch for this, etc. I feel like such a crazy person when I tell people about this, but how can you know of this and NOT share it when someone has a scary diagnosis?) He started the Panacur protocol the same day. Three weeks later he went in for his needle biopsy. No mass could be found. They took some random cells from all over his prostate and no abnormal cells were detected. Now, he didn’t have a cancer diagnosis, and who knows what the story was. But I’ll tell you this–he gives full credit to the fenbendazole, and continues to spread the news to everyone he knows.

3. A gentleman called my wife on Monday. He had stage 4 lung cancer and had just finished a 10 week Panacur. His Petscan was negative. He was so excited

4. Got report of stage 4 ovarian with ascites winning the battle

5. I posted Joes story. I didn’t ask Joe, I probably should have, but if this medicine could save one life it was worth it to me. I wouldn’t bother Joe, and I would field as many questions as I could and try to learn as much as I could about what Joe took. Well, I’ve talked to hundreds of people about Panacur-C. Today I got a call from a guy who I talked to five weeks ago. He had a type of lung cancer where they were going to remove 1/3 of one of his lungs. He started on the panacur-C, Did not tell his doctor. He went in for the preop for his lung surgery. After praying about the surgery he wanted to have another scan before his surgery. His surgery was scheduled for October 3 he had his scan done and today the nurse from his doctors office called. Long story short, in tears he informed me that he is 100% cancer free.