This is the first chance I’ve had in over a month to give any kind of update. First, I went through a sale and purchase of homes in Oklahoma City and a move for the first time in 12 years. Then, an extended business trip to Germany and Switzerland. This morning, I am sitting by the lake Ägerisee in the village Oberägeri just outside of Zug, CH. I have a couple of hours of downtime, so I thought it might be helpful to recap some of the more interesting top 20 success stories other than myself:

1. Ewing Sarcoma with Mets to the brain and spine (too many tumors to count). Started the protocol after having to stop chemo due to blood clots. Started with a jumpstart of 9 straight days, then pulsed 3 on and 4 off for 14 weeks. Recent scan was an all clear NED (“no evidence of disease”).

2. Esophogeal with Mets to the Liver. Started with a double dose 7 days a week for 3 weeks and then the recommended 222mg dose 7 days a week for 9 weeks, then all clear NED

3. TWO different patients with 4th Stage Melanoma with wide METS throughout the body. In one case, 8 months on the protocol and another case 7 months to all clear NED. In both cases the previous PET scans showed dozens of lesions head to toe.

4. Triple Negative Breast Cancer with Mets to Lungs, Lymph nodes and brain. After 10 weeks on the protocol, Brain MRI is 100% clear and other Mets significantly shrunk.

5. Adenocarcinoma Lung. After 14 weeks, cancer free NED

6. Two Prostate cancers, one with with Mets to bones. After 4 months on the protocol, cancer free NED (this one is close to home and a relative). The other with Mets to the Stomach and Liver. After 3 months on the Protocol, NED

7. Another Small Cell Lung Cancer (also close to home from where I grew up) with wide Mets now NED

8. Adrenocortical carcinoma with Mets to the Liver. Sent home to hire hospice and started the Protocol. After 14 weeks, NED

9. SEVEN cases of 4th stage Pancreatic Cancer with the following results (all 7 given a very short life expectancy):

a. In 5 of the cases reported to me, the protocol has reduced the tumors and held them “at bay” (without total elimination) such that the patients are living a normal lifestyle long after they were expected to die.

b. In 2 cases I find almost beyond belief, total remission NED. In one case after 7 months on the protocol and in another, after 4 months.

10. THREE cases of 4th stage Colo-Rectal cancer, two NED after 4 months and one with 90% reduction after 3 months.